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Industrial filtration

We offer implementation and consulting for various industrial filtration, a wide range of quality filters for industrial use (air filtration, process water, oil or oil mist). Durable carbon steel enamelled filters, plastic filters, stainless steel or stainless steel filters. Vacuum and oil mist filters can also be supplied in ATEX certified design. Of course there is the possibility of supplying various types of filter cartridges (paper, polyester, HEPA, for higher temperatures, ...) and other accessories. Our offer includes:

  • Filters and filter cartridges
  • Textile sorbents

Filtrační tkaniny (viskozy)

Filter fabrics for gravity belt and drum filters - available in widths from 400mm to 2300mm. Different materials according to application in assortment from 20g / m2 to 180g / m2.

Filter fabrics (filter papers, filter rolls) are used wherever chips and mechanical impurities must be separated from operating fluids and oils. We will prepare filter fabrics for you according to the required size, material and weight (own rewinding and cutting equipment).


Suitability for:

  • Emulsion filtration
  • Filtration of grinding oils
  • Filtration of synthetic mixtures and emulsion liquids
  • Filtration of honing, cutting and rolling oils
  • Filtration of draft oils
  • Application of filter paper, various filter systems
  • Large stock of filter paper (expedition within 14 days of ordering)
  • Filter paper and filter cloth used:


Textilní sorbenty

Non-woven fabrics, microfibers, oil sorbents, universal, chemical sorbents, rolls, blanks and mats, flush walls sorbent filters level squeegees, sorbent cushions, sorbent bowls, hydrophobic and hydrophilic crumbs, loose sorbents barrel blankets, impermeable sorbents, anti-slip sorbents leakage of hazardous liquids, sorption of oil derivatives, acids and bases.

Bílé textilní sorbenty

  • White - sucking oil products repels water, floats (absorbency of 224 liters of oil products)
  • Gray - absorbs all liquids and chemicals (240 liters of all liquids and chemicals)
  • Stripes - spaghetti, used as filter bag filler (1kg absorbs 18 liters of petroleum products)

The hardness of the water consists mainly of calcium and magnesium salts, expressed mostly in mmol / l or also in German degrees ° N. The conversion is 1 mmol / l = 5,6 ° N. According to the scale it may be water:

  • very soft (up to 0,75 mmol / l)
  • soft (0.75 to 1.5 mmol / l)
  • medium hard (1.5 to 2.25 mmol / l)
  • fairly hard (2.25 to 3 mmol / l)
  • hard (3 to 4.5 mmol / l)


Strojirenství filtraceWater
Hydraulic and machining oils
Honing and finishing oils
Coolant emulsions and cutting fluids


Filtrační svíčky

Wound, sintered, folded, metallic filter candles. In selectivity from 0.1 to 100 microns, in lengths from 10 to 60 ". Nominal and absolute design



Filtrační rukávy (sáčky)

Available in polypropylene, polyester, nylon, in standard sizes and in non-standard custom-made sizes from 0.5 to 800 microns