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Textilní sorbenty

Non-woven fabrics, microfibers, oil sorbents, universal, chemical sorbents, rolls, blanks and mats, flush walls sorbent filters level squeegees, sorbent cushions, sorbent bowls, hydrophobic and hydrophilic crumbs, loose sorbents barrel blankets, impermeable sorbents, anti-slip sorbents leakage of hazardous liquids, sorption of oil derivatives, acids and bases.

Bílé textilní sorbenty

  • White - sucking oil products repels water, floats (absorbency of 224 liters of oil products)
  • Gray - absorbs all liquids and chemicals (240 liters of all liquids and chemicals)
  • Stripes - spaghetti, used as filter bag filler (1kg absorbs 18 liters of petroleum products)