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Filtrační tkaniny (viskozy)

Filter fabrics for gravity belt and drum filters - available in widths from 400mm to 2300mm. Different materials according to application in assortment from 20g / m2 to 180g / m2.

Filter fabrics (filter papers, filter rolls) are used wherever chips and mechanical impurities must be separated from operating fluids and oils. We will prepare filter fabrics for you according to the required size, material and weight (own rewinding and cutting equipment).


Suitability for:

  • Emulsion filtration
  • Filtration of grinding oils
  • Filtration of synthetic mixtures and emulsion liquids
  • Filtration of honing, cutting and rolling oils
  • Filtration of draft oils
  • Application of filter paper, various filter systems
  • Large stock of filter paper (expedition within 14 days of ordering)
  • Filter paper and filter cloth used: