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Surface finishes

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We offer you technologically unique solution of your surface treatment system, qualitative and economical solution.


The degreasing task is to remove grease, dust, salts and other chemicals from the surface of the workpiece. Degreasing is performed in many ways, which can be combined with each other.

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We offer you technologically unique solution of your surface treatment system, qualitative and economical solution.


EP additivesPolar
Trim® C115  0% without content without content Synthetic liquid with low foaming power for grinding cast iron and steel.
Trim®C276   0% without content low content High performance synthetic liquid with low foaming power for grinding molds and parts of aircraft engines.
It is approved by Rolls-Royce, GE, Snecma and Prett & Whitny.
Trim®C355   0% středni obsah medium content Ultra-high performance synthetic fluid for heavy duty machining of problematic steel, inconel and titanium alloys. Excellent on aluminum alloys.
It is as clear as water.
Trim®SC415   20% without content without content First-class semi-synthetic medium oil for machining and grinding ferrous materials. It is exceptionally biostable.
Trim® MicroSol® 515   30% středni obsah low content High-grade, high-oil microemulsion for machining all kinds of materials incl. aluminum. Especially suitable for milling titanium.
Approved by Boeing and United Technologies.
Trim®E705   50% low content medium content Special mineral emulsion for machining magnesium.
Excellent resistance to Mg2 + ions.
Trim® E715   50% low content medium content First-class mineral emulsion for machining all metals. Formaldehyde-free.
Very biostable. Keeps machines clean for long periods.
Trim® E720   50% low content medium content Extremely powerful emulsion oil designed for the toughest applications.
Fully approved for Rolls-Royce.
Trim®E909   35% very tall
low content Mineral emulsion oil with a very high content of EP (high pressure) additives.
it does not contain amines, boron or formaldehydes.
It is especially suitable for machining stainless steels.
Trim® E950   50% low content very tall
Extremely powerful and ultra-pure emulsion oil, designed for the most difficult operations.
It is approved for Rolls-Royce.

The principle is to connect the component as a cathode, where hydrogen is released in the electrolyte solution, which contributes to the release of grease and dirt.


(flammable and non-flammable) principle is the dissolution of grease, which creates their solution, which is regenerated by distillation. This makes it possible to reuse the solvent. Today, various types of solvents are used, ranging from industrial gasoline, which is not very effective in conjunction with a rag (grease smears the product) and very unecological, through halogenated hydrocarbons used in washing tables, to closed steam degreasing systems where vapor degreasers they condense on the product, pull off the grease, fall back into the bath and distill again.


Alkaline degreasing is mostly used by sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate in conjunction with surfactants (surfactants) at concentrations up to 10% of active substances and temperature of 40-70 ° C for 1-20 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination of the substrate). Grease in emulsions emulsifies - saponifies, and tends to settle again on the surface of storage tanks from which it needs to be removed. Hard water, which is most often treated with phosphates, reduces the degreasing efficiency. It is important to ensure effective liquid flow when degreasing, and to avoid foam formation during spraying. Alkaline degreasing is followed by rinsing with demineralized water.