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We offer you technologically unique solution of your surface treatment system, qualitative and economical solution.


EP additivesPolar
Trim® C115  0% without content without content Synthetic liquid with low foaming power for grinding cast iron and steel.
Trim®C276   0% without content low content High performance synthetic liquid with low foaming power for grinding molds and parts of aircraft engines.
It is approved by Rolls-Royce, GE, Snecma and Prett & Whitny.
Trim®C355   0% středni obsah medium content Ultra-high performance synthetic fluid for heavy duty machining of problematic steel, inconel and titanium alloys. Excellent on aluminum alloys.
It is as clear as water.
Trim®SC415   20% without content without content First-class semi-synthetic medium oil for machining and grinding ferrous materials. It is exceptionally biostable.
Trim® MicroSol® 515   30% středni obsah low content High-grade, high-oil microemulsion for machining all kinds of materials incl. aluminum. Especially suitable for milling titanium.
Approved by Boeing and United Technologies.
Trim®E705   50% low content medium content Special mineral emulsion for machining magnesium.
Excellent resistance to Mg2 + ions.
Trim® E715   50% low content medium content First-class mineral emulsion for machining all metals. Formaldehyde-free.
Very biostable. Keeps machines clean for long periods.
Trim® E720   50% low content medium content Extremely powerful emulsion oil designed for the toughest applications.
Fully approved for Rolls-Royce.
Trim®E909   35% very tall
low content Mineral emulsion oil with a very high content of EP (high pressure) additives.
it does not contain amines, boron or formaldehydes.
It is especially suitable for machining stainless steels.
Trim® E950   50% low content very tall
Extremely powerful and ultra-pure emulsion oil, designed for the most difficult operations.
It is approved for Rolls-Royce.